Come to your senses. Restore a sense of balance.

Cityspa offers therapeutic massage and treatments that not only relax the body and mind but promote health through detoxification.


Our Philosophy

At Cityspa, we believe that a day spa should be a healing retreat, in a pleasing and timeless space that creates a sense of beauty, simplicity, and peace.

Our day spa is located in the historic district of downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. Cityspa offers a complete line of facials, massage, waxing, body scrubs and wraps. We also have a cozy nail studio where we provide professional nail services.

At Cityspa you will receive a great massage and expert skin care. Our massage therapists are thoroughly educated and give amazing treatments. Receive real help for your skin care needs with our experienced estheticians. Look your best, and finish every outfit with a great manicure and pedicure. Charlottesville residents and visitors alike love Cityspa day spa.

November Special Savings:

20% off all nail care services!

What Our Clients Say

  • I am a big guy and my muscles are dense. Maddie has the strength to give me the deep tissue treatment I must have. She works the knots out and relieves me of my shoulder and neck pain.

    -Mike F.

  • When it comes to nails there is nobody better than Micah! She is very meticulous and I am so happy with my manicure!

    -Kathy J.

  • "Elizabeth gave me a solution today for my red, irritated skin. I went in for a standard facial and she told me during the early part of my facial that I have all the signs of Rosacea. She did my facial with the products for Rosacea and my skin feels at peace. The redness is greatly reduced and it isn't painful anymore."

    -Barbara J.

  • I came to see Laurel because of sore legs and feet. She gave me a great massage, starting and ending with work on my legs and feet. She really listened to what I needed and I felt so much better after my session.

    -Ben H.

  • Emily is a skilled massage therapist and did a great job. I enjoyed the spa. I will be back!

    -Patti B.

  • Nicole is one of the most insightful estheticians I have ever met. If you are having skin issues, I recommend Nicole.

    -Tiffany C.

  • My husband and I visited Cityspa while one vacation for a couples’ massage. We walked out of the spa incredibly relaxed, with all the stress of everyday life off our shoulders.

    -Latrice D.

  • Laurel is an expert in massage therapy. I enjoyed every moment of my amazing massage. I knew the minute she put her hands on my back that I was in for a treat!! She relieved me of my sore low back and hips.

    -Ashley S.

  • I had a Swedish massage with Carmen this morning and it was really delightful. My neck felt as though it was as tight as a spring when I got there and she gently worked out all the kinks.

    -Janet T.

  • I enjoy massage every other week for 90 minutes. It is my key to sanity in a crazy world. Bridget is really great. She doesn’t chat and I get to zone out and enjoy the great massage. I feel great afterwards.

    -Michael Y.


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